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About Us

Water Mountain Sports is a full service sales agency based in Sedona, AZ. We market and sell products and services to all viable markets within the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the United States.



Principle channels of distribution of our product lines are:


Lifestyle and Outdoor Specialty stores

Footwear Channels

Action Sports Retailers

Kids Channels

Resort/Rental Shops

Sporting Goods Stores

E-Commerce Channels







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Who We Are

Water Mountain Sports is a full service sales agency based in Sedona, AZ. Jason Lawrence, Founder, has over a decade of sales experience, working with businesses at every stage of their development, from startups to established brands.  WMS believes in the power of developing great relationships with customers, and will partner with your team to effectively communicate your brand. Our job is to shape perceptions that reflect your company’s culture on the sales and retail level. When not working, Jason spends time at the lakes, on rivers and in the mountains with his wife Rachel, son Luke and his daughter Aster. You have a unique story to tell and the World is waiting to listen!  

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Call us at 760-845-0055 or send us a message with our form below. We’ll be in touch right away!






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